Types of Liquor Licences

We offer the following services:

Application for a new liquor licence

  • Generally submitted on a 1st Friday of the month
  • Tax clearance, police clearance, sketch plan and zoning key requirements

Application for transfer of a liquor licence

  • Can be submitted on any working day
  • Licence transferable between persons (natural and juristic)
  • Tax clearance, police clearance of the transferee and up to date renewal certificate required
  • No transfer from one premises to another (only in some provinces)

Application for structural alteration, addition or reconstruction to the licensed premises

  • Can be submitted on any working day
  • Up to date renewal certificate and sketch plan required

Application for appointment of a manager(s)

If the holder of a licence is a juristic person,an application for appointment of a manager must be submitted

  • Police clearance required

Application for renewal of a liquor licence

  • Requirements differ from province to province