liquor licence application
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Below is a list of liquor licence application frequently asked questions.

1. Who can apply for a liquor licence?

Any person who is 18 and above provided that the applicant has the right to occupy the premises applied for and is not disqualified or incompetent to hold the licence.

2. Can I obtain a temporary licence pending approval of my application?

No. Liquor boards do not issue temporary licences.

3. Do I need a licence to sell liquor at an event e.g. wedding, birthday party etc.?

Yes. Any form of liquor sale requires a licence and doing so without it is illegal.

4. If a licence is not renewed in the prescribed manner, can I continue selling liquor?

No. A licensee who fails to renew a licence must stop trading and apply for a new one.

5. Can I transfer my licence to another person?

Yes. A licence is transferable to any person (the prospective holder) who is not disqualified or incompetent to hold the licence.

6. Can I sell liquor at any place other than the licensed premises?

No. A licence is only issued in respect of premises applied for.

7. What happens if I no longer have the right to occupy the premises and wish to relocate my licence?

Some provinces permit removals of licences from one premise to another if an application in the prescribed manner is lodged with the board and approved.

8. Can I sell liquor to minors?

No. Selling liquor to minors is a criminal offence and is punishable by law.